Realmac announces iCloud support for Clear, also launching Clear for Mac

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Introducing Clear for Mac and iPhone + iCloud from Realmac Software on Vimeo.

Clear, a to-do list app, launched for the iPhone back in the middle of February and while the app may have lost some of the hype, it seems to have remained a favorite among many. And as of November 8th, it looks like Clear will be made just a bit nicer. Realmac has recently announced Clear for Mac along with iCloud support. And just to clarify that, the iCloud support will also arrive (on that same day) on the iPhone app.

Clear for iPhone is currently sitting in the iOS App Store as version 1.1.1 and with a purchase price of $1.99. The update adding iCloud will bring Clear up to version 1.2. Those who already have, or those who purchase the app before November 8th will get the update for free when it lands in the iOS App Store.

Clear for Mac will arrive as version 1.0 and this one will set you back $14.99. And while we have yet to play with Clear for Mac, there is quite a bit to take from the teaser video (above). The video shows the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around as well as the trackpad. Not to mention, a layout and design that iPhone users will already be familiar with.

Bottom line here, look for the latest in terms of Clear come November 8th.

Via [Realmac] and [iMore]

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