Windows Phone sync app v3.0 now available in the Mac App Store

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The latest Windows Phone sync app for Mac users has come available. The app has gone up to version 3.0 and can be found by way of the Mac App Store. The app is called Windows Phone and is both free to download and free to use. And for those not entirely sure, this app will allow you to sync a Zune HD or Windows Phone device (from any carrier) with your Mac. This means the ability to do things synch as;

  • Sync music, movies, TV Shows and podcasts, from your existing iTunes library, to devices
  • Sync photos and videos, from your existing iPhoto or Aperture library, to your devices
  • Retrieve photos and videos, taken on your Windows Phone, and automatically your import them into your existing iPhoto or Aperture library
  • Browse and preview media items located on your devices

Perhaps more important to this latest update, v3.0 of the Windows Phone sync app brings the following;

  • Support for Windows Phone 8 devices
  • Drag and drop files between Windows Phone and your Mac desktop
  • Drag and drop files from Finder to your Windows Phone 8 devices
  • Support for iPhoto 9.3.2 and Aperture 3.3.2
  • Support for battery charge state (Windows Phone 8 devices)
  • Enhanced capability support for Ringtone files (Windows Phone 8 devices)
  • Support for Retina display Macs

Finally, one catch is that you will need to be running Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.

Via [Mac App Store] and [wpcentral]

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