Boston area Starbucks begin testing the Duracell Powermat for wireless device charging

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As if the free Wi-Fi was not enough of a draw for Starbucks customers. Or maybe a more accurate description, for some Starbucks leaches. But assuming Starbucks is overall happy with the free Wi-Fi for coffee purchases deal — it looks like they may soon be adding another perk that will keep customers in-store for longer periods of time.

According to a recent Boston Globe report, Starbucks has begun testing the Duracell Powermat for wireless charging. This is being done at 17 Boston area Starbucks. Each of those 17 stores will have eight Powermat set-ups available for customer use. They are being built into some of the tabletops, which means you can charge by simply leaving your phone on the table. And before any begins wondering how this is going to work considering many of us do not have Duracell Powermat capable devices — that seems to be taken care of. Starbucks is going to have some loaner units and may even give some away.

As of now the Boston area testing is said to be for a “limited time.” Sounds like a good idea, and assuming this works we can see a positive outcome as this should cut down on the fights for a wall outlet. Not to mention, this could be good news for Duracell and their Powermat. Anyway, if you happen to be in the Boston area and are able to check this out, we would love to hear from you.

Via [Boston Globe] and [The Consumerist]

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