Apple ordered to re-do their ‘Samsung didn’t copy iPad’ notice

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Apple, as ordered to do so by the courts, posted their “Samsung didn’t copy the iPad’ notice back on October 26th. In fact, this notice was posted on the Apple UK website. The one catch, while Apple did post what they had to, they also added some other bits. We originally described those other bits as being something that Samsung probably did not see coming. And well, it looks like the courts have since ruled Apple as being non-compliant due to those extra bits they included in the posting. Based on this ruling, Apple has been ordered to re-post with something new. This new posting also comes with a few specifics — Apple needs to post this within 48-hours, it must be linked from their homepage, be in no less than an 11-point font and remain available for all to see until December 14th. With that, we will be on the lookout for the updated statement, however, if we have to venture a guess, this will hit the Apple website right at the 48-hour deadline.

Via [The Guardian]

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