Google will supposedly add physical cards that support Google Wallet

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It looks like Google is planning something very big for Google Wallet. In addition to using Google Wallet to pay for purchases online and at retail through NFC, Google may start issuing physical Google Wallet cards. This information comes from a future version of the Google Wallet app that was leaked to Android Police.

The physical Google Wallet card will essentially replace whatever your preferred default payment is within the Google Wallet app. For example, if you have two cards set up with your Google Wallet account, you can make transactions with either one using only the physical Google Wallet card. All you have to do is change your default payment option. The Google Wallet card doesn’t rely on NFC, and can be used wherever credit cards are accepted. This could essentially replace the need to carry several cards at once.

Other new features include the ability to link transit cards to the Google Wallet app. There also appears to be an option to transfer money from Google Wallet to a bank account in a way similar to PayPal.

The lack of reliance on NFC could spread Google Wallet adoption like never before.

Source [Android Police]

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