Mophie outs its Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S III

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While I’m pretty sure that the battery in your Samsung Galaxy S III is powerful enough to give you enough juice to last through the day, there are times when you will find yourself needing extra juice, especially when you use your device extensively. So Mophie, makers of those excellent battery juice extenders to the rescue with its Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S III. If you’ve owned an iPhone and purchased the Mophie Juice Pack, you know that this accessory doubles up battery life. And that’s what it is going to do with your Samsung Galaxy S III. The Mophie Juice Pack comes in an ultra-thin, lightweight and low-profile case design, so you’re Galaxy S III won’t be too bulky and will maintain its sleek appearance. It is packed with a 2300 mAh rechargeable battery which provides additional 9 hours of battery life. It also features a pass-through USB cord that lets you charge and sync at the same time without removing your Galaxy S III from the Mophie Juice Pack. Available now from, the Samsung Galaxy S III Juice Pack will set you back $99.95. It will also be available in various retailers this coming weekend. Finally, see the Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S III in action via the video demo below.

Via [Mophie]

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