Echofon for Android moves into beta

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Less than three weeks after releasing an alpha build for Android, the team at Echofon has put out the beta version of its Twitter app. The beta version of Echofon for Android is available as a direct download that you’ll have to sideload onto your device.

The beta version of Echofon fixes some issues that hindered the alpha build. For example, the app now uses Android’s native autocorrect system when composing tweets. You can also enter conversation view in some tweets and receive full text notifications. Those with more than one Twitter account will be happy to know the beta now supports multiple accounts as well. For now, you can’t choose different notification sounds for each account, but that feature is coming in a future update.

Echofon is a very good app even if it is a beta. I suggest giving it a look if you’re looking for a good third-party Twitter app.

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