Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sales have topped 3 million on a global basis

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Coming by way of a Samsung issued press release, we have learned that the worldwide Galaxy Note 2 sales have topped 3 million. This comes with the handset being available for just over a month, 37 days to be specific. Simply put, while many seem to want to poke fun at the oversized smartphone, there are still plenty of people willing to make the purchase. Not to mention, this is a follow-up to a device (the original Galaxy Note), which also sold rather well. Hmmm, maybe Samsung is onto something with a 5.5-inch display. Of course, this 3 million number will only likely be growing soon as the Note 2 is just beginning to make its way to US carriers. Me personally, I am anxious to get mine, I just have to wait till the end of November when it will land with Verizon.

Via [SamsungTomorrow]

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