Lockitron announces Pebble smartwatch and IFTTT integration

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We have mentioned the Lockitron a few times in the recent past, and well, it looks like the company will be working with the Pebble smartwatch. The details care coming by way of a recent posting on the Lockitron Blog, and it mentions that they are building an app for the Pebble smartwatch. Simply put, assuming you have both a Pebble and a Lockitron — you will be able to lock and unlock your door using your smartwatch. Of course, given the timing for release, you will not actually be doing this for quite a while. The Pebble has yet to begin shipping and the Lockitron is not expected to begin shipping until March. Or if you are like me and picked up a reservation on the second batch, you will be waiting until May. Hopefully I will be wearing a Pebble smartwatch by then.

Otherwise, in addition to the Pebble app, the folks at Lockitron have also begun to look at IFTTT integration. A bit of a teaser for the IFTTT integration went as follows;

“IFTTT can tweet or send you a message if your door has been unlocked for too long. Thanks to integration with other devices like the Belkin Wemo, IFTTT can even turn on your lights when you come home.”

We here at GadgeTell look forward to seeing what else will come as a result. Finally, those who had been considering a Lockitron — your time is running out. The posting on the Lockitron Blog (which went live on November 2nd) noted that you now only have one day left to make a reservation. And for those worried about having the money, your card will not be charged until your item ships.

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