Evernote 5 for iPhone and iPad gets teased [Video]

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A short while back we saw the teaser for Evernote 5 for the Mac, and well, it looks like we now have the teaser for the iOS app. The iOS app will also be arriving as Evernote 5 and it will be available as it currently is, from the iOS App Store and for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The Evernote team did offer a video which you can see above, however the main focus here seems to be speed and ease of use. It was stated that “everything needs to be one or two taps away” and that the app should be able to “easily support your preferred organization scheme.” In terms of that last one, Evernote went on to describe that as follows;

“If you’re a tagger, then tags must be front-and-center. If you put everything into notebooks, then those need to be quickly accessible.”

Otherwise, Evernote 5 for iOS has been completely redesigned. Some of the new goodies will include Views for Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Places as well as a Quick Note buttons that will allow you to easily create a note with a single click. And one for the iPad users, Evernote 5 will bring a Recent Notes list.

That all being said, no firm date on availability, however there was a promise that the update is coming “very soon.”

Via [Evernote Blog]

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