AT&T rumored to be giving free charging pads to those who purchase a Nokia Lumia 920

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AT&T had announced the Nokia Lumia 920 a while back and while the official confirmation was nice to see, they failed to offer anything in terms of a release date or price. That announcement came almost a month ago, on October 4th and sadly, we have yet to get those missing details. We have seen plenty of rumors and speculation. We have actually seen more Lumia 920 release date rumors than most normal people would be able to keep track of. And well, while we wait, it looks like another rumor has popped up. The folks over at wpcentral have received word from a person they describe as one of their AT&T insiders. Anyway, according to the insider, AT&T will be giving a freebie with the handset. The freebie will be a wireless charging pad. In addition, the launch date was said to be November 9th and the pricing for the handset is looking like it will be $149. All that said, assuming these dates, prices and details prove accurate — a $149 Lumia 920 with a free wireless charging pad sounds like a pretty tempting offer.

Via [wpcentral]

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