GadgeTell Review: Blurex Slim Folio Case for the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch

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What is being reviewed?

Blurex has built a reputation for itself for selling some of the most affordable, yet well made cases for tablets. We did a review on the company’s Ultra Slim Folio Case for the Nexus 7 a few months ago, and loved it. One of Blurex’s latest creations is the folio case for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. Priced at only $5.99, this is one of the best cases you can buy on the market today.

Disclaimer: The Blurex Ultra Slim Folio Case and Kindle Fire HD was provided to GadgeTell for the purpose of this review.

The Design

Blurex created the Slim Folio Case from the same materials it uses for its other cases designed for tablets such as the Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab. The front and back of the case is wrapped in synthetic leather, and the interior is lined with a microfiber interior. Even though synthetic leather is not considered “real leather,” it still carries a premium feel when held. The case also cannot be scratched or stained easily. When the Kindle Fire HD is placed inside the case, it looks and feels like you’re holding a leather-bound book. This can be a nice optical illusion for those who don’t want strangers to immediately know they’re carrying a tablet.

This case also doesn’t add much bulk to the Kindle Fire HD. I was able to fit it into a pair of straight legged jeans (33 length, 32 waist) with minimal struggle. The struggle I did have inserting it into my pocket was mostly due to the wide nature of the Kindle Fire HD as opposed to the Slim Folio Case.

The microfiber interior of the Slim Folio Case is very soft and ensures your tablet’s screen or back panel won’t get scratched when closed. The microfiber also gives your hand something comfortable to rest against while the case is flipped open. Whether you’re holding the Kindle Fire HD in portrait or landscape mode, you’ll find the flap on this case to be quite sturdy. This is one area in which Blurex made an improvement over its Nexus 7 Ultra Slim Folio Case. Gone is the elastic band that needed to be wrapped around the corners of the Nexus 7 to keep the front flap from slipping out of position. The front flap on the Kindle Fire Slim Folio Case can stand on its own without any additional components.

The Functionality

Another improvement Blurex made deals with the case’s functionality as a stand. Instead of needing to remove two of the case’s claw-like clamps to free the tablet, the Slim Folio Case can immediately be converted into a stand without tinkering with anything. You can angle the Kindle Fire in three positions. Each position brings the angle of the tablet closer to the ceiling.

Amazon designed the Kindle Fire HD with the ability to turn on and off with the assistance of a magnet. Blurex made sure to include this feature with the Slim Folio Case. Every time you close the case, the Kindle Fire HD will automatically go to sleep. You’ll have little reason to push the tablet’s somewhat hidden power button once you get this case.

I did encounter an issue when trying to close the case. It won’t fit over the Kindle Fire HD without some extra muscle. Blurex appeared to have made a slight measuring error in this case. It does get easier to close the more you do it, but I wanted you to know this is something you will encounter. At least you’ll know it’ll take some effort for this case to accidentally pop open.


Here’s the bottom line. Despite the difficulties with closing the case, you are not going to find a better case for the Kindle Fire HD for only $5.99. Blurex is very good at creating cheap cases with a premium feel. I have seen similar cases sell on Amazon for well over $20. You won’t regret this small purchase.

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