Instagram profiles are coming to the web

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Instagram is strictly a mobile social network at heart, but some have created ways to view Instagram content outside of the iOS and Android apps. That won’t be necessary in the near future because Instagram has decided to embrace the web at large. Within the next week or so, you’ll be able to view Instagram profiles from any web browser.

If you want to see if your profile has been web-enabled, go to your profile name is). Some web profiles such as Nike, are already live.

Instagram will let you share profiles, follow users and edit your profile from the web. However, you won’t be able to post pictures from anywhere other than the Instagram mobile apps. Why you ask?

“Instagram is focused on the production of photos from mobile devices so users are not currently able to upload from the web,” reads an Instagram blog post. “We’re excited about how Web Profiles will make it easier to browse and share content on the web for all our users.”

Source [Instagram]

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