Clove UK now accepting pre-orders for the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S III

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Rumored to become available not so long ago, it seems that a 64GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III is heading to market soon. Clove UK, who first told us about this new model of the SGS3 is now also telling us that they already got indicative pricing for the handset. So if you’ve been eyeing a SGS3 with more storage, you better place your pre-order now from Clove UK. Pricing for the black 64GB Samsung Galaxy S III starts at £600 including VAT. And Clove UK is expecting to get stock of the handset in two months time. Clove UK also said that the outcome of the pre-order will determine whether they are going to push through with actually selling the handset. If they can get a substantial number of pre-orders, then the more chance that you’ll get your hands on the handset. This means that you’ll be asked to confirm your pre-order in two weeks time. By then Clove UK already know whether they will push through in getting the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S III. If they receive ample orders then expect to have your handset with practically 128GB of storage (including an external microSD card of 64GB). To order the handset simply follow the via link included below.

Additionally, Clove UK also informed us that the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be available starting November 8. So, if you’re also planning to get a new digital camera, this one is a good option to consider.

Via [Clove UK]

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