LogMeIn’s cloud storage service, Cubby now in open beta

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0, a new cloud storage service brought to your by LogMeIn has just put their service into “open beta” mode. This means that those of you who were trying to request an invite before can now get your hands on the new cloud storage service by simply signing up on your own. If this is the first time you’ve heard about,  well, it promises to give you the most flexible and secure cloud storage and sync service. You’ll start off with 5GB of free cloud storage which is easily synched on your PC or Mac via DirectSync. And to celebrate the “open beta” status, Cubby is giving you a chance to increase your free storage by simply inviting friends. For every one referral you’ll get additional 1GB free storage. You can get as much as 20GB free additional storage if you refer more friends to use also recently released the newest version of its web and desktop interface. You can install the desktop software on your PC and Mac or simply use the web interface to try out the features of Cubby. I installed the Mac desktop app and it’s pretty snazzy. The interface is simple and easy-to-use. Check out and tell us how you find the service by dropping a comment below.

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