Rogers expected to launch unlimited voice plans on November 7

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It looks like Rogers will be changing some things up come November 7. The carrier is expected to retire some existing plans and introduce some new ones. The plans that are expected to go away include the My5 and My10 offerings. The new plans, of which there are four listed will bring unlimited calling with three. The new plans are as follows;

  • Occasional: $55, 200MB of data with 1,000 local weekday minutes
  • Social: $65, 1GB of data with unlimited local minutes
  • Streamer: $75, 3GB of data with unlimited local minutes
  • Connected: $95, 5GB of data with unlimited local minutes

So how about it, any Rogers customers looking to switch from their current plan and jump on one of these unlimited local calling plans? Maybe its just us, but it seems that more and more users are looking more for data than they are for minutes at this point in time.

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