Amazon looks to have rolled-out a $7.99 monthly option for Prime subscriptions

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It looks like Amazon has begun to offer a new pricing option for Prime. Previously, those looking to subscribe to Amazon Prime had to pay annually, which was $79. The new pricing option is monthly, $7.99 per month. And yes, those doing the math are correct — if you go month-to-month you will be paying more. In fact, you will be paying about $15 more. Of course, sometimes it is easier to shell out $8 per month as opposed to $80 once a year. Regardless, if you were curious about Amazon Prime and were only holding back because of not being able (or not wanting) to pay the annual rate, head on over to Amazon and get started on a monthly rate. Otherwise, the Prime membership will still be the same in terms of features which means unlimited streaming of Prime Instant Video content, access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library and free 2-day shipping.

Via [Hacking Netflix]

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