Opera 12.10 browser now available, brings goodies for Windows 8 and Mac OS X users

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Opera 12.10 has officially launched for Mac, Windows and Linux. The browser is available for download as of today and while it is available for three operating systems — there are a few specific goodies for Windows and Mac users. Beginning first with Windows, which includes Windows 7 and 8.

“Opera 12.10 has inertia scrolling and pinch-to-zoom on Windows 7 and Windows 8.”

Moving over to Mac OS X and we are talking about Mountain Lion. In this case, Opera 12.10 brings support for the Retina Display along with Notification Center and sharing. The browser will have built-in sharing of pages on Facebook, Twitter and more. In addition, the Notification Center integration means you will be notified of things such as completed downloads.

All things considered, not a bad update for a point (xx.10) release. That said, if you are already using Opera, this seems like a worthy update. And for those who have yet to give Opera a run, v12.10 seems like as good a time as any.

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