Sony Xperia V release pushed to January 2013, means the handset will launch with Android Jelly Bean

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We had previously expected the Sony Xperia V to launch in December, however it looks like that release has since been delayed. But before anyone gets bothered about a release delay, this one comes with a silver lining. Well, actually a few silver linings. You see, the delay is only a month. Plus, the delay also means that the handset will launch with Jelly Bean as opposed to Ice Cream Sandwich. And then there is the price, Sony France noted that the handset will debut at €529. That is down from the original price, which was set as €549. All said and done, this is a delay that we think most will be able to live with. The one question that still remains though, the global roll-out. Remember, this delay of December to January was confirmed by Sony France, for France.

Via [Xperia Blog]

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