The merging of Skype and Messenger continues, Messenger Contacts now available in Skype

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It looks like Microsoft has taken another little step towards getting rid of Messenger. Coming with the most recent update for Skype, those who sign in with a Microsoft account will now have access to all of their Messenger contacts. Simply put, you will now be able to instant message, call and video chat with your Messenger friends using Skype. According to details provided Microsoft, their “goal remains to deliver the best communications experience for everyone, everywhere.” They also went on to note that they “want to focus our [their] efforts on making things simpler for our [the] users while continuously improving the overall experience.” Of course, this is all being done into the lead up towards retiring Messenger. As of now, Messenger is expected to be fully retired in all countries (except mainland China) by the first quarter of 2013. Bottom line here, if you are a Messenger user, you may as well start getting used to using Skype because soon enough — that will be your only option.

Via [Skype Blog]

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