LifeProof case announced for the Galaxy S III, is said to be “coming soon”

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I first learned about the LifeProof cases back in January during CES and ended up getting one in for review a few months later. The LifeProof case that I reviewed was for the the iPhone 4/4S. In short, I really liked the case and have continued to use it since. Anyway, flashing back to the present day and also moving away from the iPhone — the folks at LifeProof have recently announced a version for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

So far we have yet to see any pricing or release date. LifeProof noted that the Galaxy S III case was “coming soon.” To make the comparison, the iPhone 4/4S case is currently selling for $69.99. Perhaps more important though, the features of the case. These LifeProof cases are water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof. They can go just about anywhere you want such as into the pool, under the shower, down ski slopes, or over rocky terrain.

The nice part here, while these cases keep everything sealed up, they do so while retaining the ability to use the controls. Even with a LifeProof case on, you will still have access to everything including the front and back cameras, volume controls, speakers, microphone, power button and perhaps the key item — the touchscreen.

All said and done, I am due for an upgrade soon and have been looking to pick up a Galaxy S III and if I do, the LifeProof case will be one of the first accessories I buy. Well, that is assuming it is available at that time.

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  • Frank

    IT’s ARRIVED !!!!!!!!