LaCie announces PetiteKey, a key shaped USB drive small enough to fit on a key ring

Sections: Peripherals, Storage

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Aside from its huge, ruggedized external hard drives, LaCie also produces USB drives small enough to fit into your pocket or even on a key ring. And that’s what its latest product, aptly named LaCie PetiteKey is – a USB drive that takes the shape of a key and features Private-Public software and Wuala Secure Cloud Storage which allows you to password protect and back up your data. The LaCie PetiteKey is the successor of the iamaKey which was awarded for its resistant, secure and practical design. Similar to its predecessor, this small USB thumb drive is durable enough and has a waterproof metal shell that can withstand water submersion up to 100 meters. In fact, according to LaCie, your data is safe even if you put the PetiteKey on a washing machine or dropped in onto a mud puddle. It also comes with a cap-free connector preventing other keys in your pocket from scuffing the PetiteKey. And as mentioned, the PetiteKey feature Private-Public software that protects important and confidential files. It has AES 26-bit encryption and password protection. Interested? The LaCie PetiteKey is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities starting from $14.99.

Via [LaCie]

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