Asus is reimbursing Europeans who purchased the Nexus 7 before October 29

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It’s understandable that early Nexus 7 purchasers felt a little burned when Google doubled the tablet’s storage and lowered the price of the 16GB model months after it released. Google has not provided a peace offering to the early believers, but Asus is. Asus is giving away vouchers worth ₤25 and €30 to European customers who bought the Nexus 7 before October 29.

The voucher can only be used in Asus’ online store. You have until November 30 to register your Nexus 7 with Asus and submit a proof of purchase. The voucher will be sent to you by email once everything checks out.

The Asus store contains things such as computer parts, accessories and complete systems.

There’s no word on whether this offer will be extended to the United States.

Source [Asus] Read [TabletGuide]

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  • dorianne azzopardi

    Could you please give me the link from where can i validate my purchase and be entitled to the voucher

  • Rick Ohnsman

    How bout a little love for us early adopters here stateside? I paid $250 for my 16gb Nexus 7.

    • crystal

      Even another google play voucher would be nice

      • Louis

        I am not even able to redeem the $25 Google play voucher because that is not supported in my country ;(

  • Louis

    This is great to hear! Any vouchers will be given to early 8GB users? I have one. I am from India purchased from Google play for $199.

    • Jeremy Hill

      It appears only the 16GB Nexus 7 is eligible.

  • http://google derionte stevenson

    I purchase my nexus 7 in August

    • Louis

      Great! then you are eligible :)

  • dorianne azzopardi

    Could u pls show me how can i try to redeem the voucher?

  • kuek chun meng

    I have purchase a nexes 7 16gb for Malaysia rm 999.understand the new 16gb price is going to be adjusted lower.Will there going to be any price rebate for those who purchased earlier in Malaysia Asus.

  • dave

  • lauriel

    I’d rather the extra 16gb than the £25 voucher