App developers can receive $1,000 by using the crowdfunding platform AppStori

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AppStori is a platform you may probably haven’t heard of. It allows app developers to present their project to the public in hopes that they can get enough funding to complete their app. It’s very similar to Kickstarter in a lot of ways, but it has one big difference. AppStori has partnered with a mobile advertising company called Millennial Media to offer developers $1,000.

As with most offers, there are some strings attached. In order to be considered for the $500 towards the funding goal and an additional $500 advertising credit, developers first have to be accepted onto the AppStori platform. AppStori independently chooses which projects are listed on its site, so not everyone will be eligible. Developers also have to have a minimum funding goal of $2000, agree to monetize their app through in-app advertising and agree to add the Millennial Media SDK into their app.

Source [AppStori]

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