Verizon Droid Does website lists the Droid DNA as another image leak hits the web

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It looks like we have a few Droid DNA teasers. The first, which can be seen above came by way of the @evleaks Twitter account, and well, offers a rather decent look at both the front and back of the handset. Perhaps more important though, it is now looking like Verizon Wireless will be unveiling the Droid DNA very soon. Verizon has announced, by way of the Droid Does website, that they will be hosing a Google+ Hangout on November 19 and it will be a “hangout on air unboxing event.” And while they did not specifically say that this event was for the Droid DNA, that is what many are expecting to see. Time will tell, but it is looking like a November 19 unveiling and a November 20 release for the Droid DNA. That said, is anyone excited, or planning to pick up the 5-inch Droid DNA?

Via [Verizon Wireless] and [Twitter @evleaks]

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