Samsung Galaxy S III (in red) tipped for a release with Telus

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Thanks to a recently leaked internal Telus document, we have been given a look at a few devices that will soon be launching. Some of the devices on this document have already been given the coming soon style listings on the Telus website, however there are a few that have yet to be listed. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Q is shown here. The Galaxy Ace Q is expected to drop on (or around) November 22 with a contract-free price of $250. Otherwise, another handset listed here is the Galaxy S III, well, a new color of the Galaxy S III — red. This one is simply listed as coming soon and we have yet to see anything in terms of a rumored date just yet. That being said, if you were considering the purchase of a Galaxy S III with Telus and would like the red, you may want to sit and wait as it looks like it should be available sooner rather than later.

Via [MobileSyrup]

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