Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8 now available

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The Skype app for Windows Phone 8 has recently appeared in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The app, which is showing as version notes that it will run on Windows Phone 7.5 or higher (though we suspect that should say Windows PHone 8). The one catch here, Microsoft has clearly listed this as a “preview release” and has stated that;

“Some capabilities listed above are work-in-progress and may not function consistently. This includes, but is not limited to: call reliability and the ability to receive incoming calls and chat notifications when outside of the app.”

If that does not scare you away, this version of Skype appears to be done rather nicely. The app features include lock screen notifications and the ability to run in the background.

  • See all your Skype contacts in the People Hub and start a conversation with just a tap
  • Sign in with your Microsoft Account and IM with your Messenger buddies
  • Even when the app is closed, you’ll begin to receive some call and message notifications so you can respond right away (under development)

Otherwise, Skype for Windows Phone will allow you to make free Skype to Skype voice and video calls over cellular or Wi-Fi as well as make low cost Skype to mobile (or landline) calls.

Via [Marketplace] and [wpcentral]

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