Tribe introduces a line of Simpsons flash drives

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Novelty flash drives are one of those things that are neat to have, but are usually priced higher than more generic flash drives. Still, it’s hard to not want them. Take these new Simpsons flash drives from Tribe for example. They’re being sold for around €23 ($30) after shipping and handling, but only have 8GB of storage. By comparison, the Simpsons flash drives sold at Staples in the United States costs the same amount, but Tribe produced a more attractive product overall. The characters look cleaner and more authentic.

So basically, if you’re the type that enjoys it when people walk up to you and admire your flash drive, you may consider getting one of these Simpsons flash drives from Tribe. If you prefer substance over style, you’ll be better off spending around $20 for a 32GB drive.

Source [Tribe]

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