Samsung Galaxy S III wirelessly charging using the Palm Touchstone

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It looks like someone has hacked together another use for the Palm Touchstone. And for those who have forgotten the Touchstone, that was the wireless charging dock for the Palm Pre. Of course, for most, there is little use left for the Touchstone at this point. That being said though, those with a few bucks to spend and a Galaxy S III in hand may like this latest bit. There is an eBay seller, hkrc, and they happen to be selling a replacement back cover for the Galaxy S III. More specific — a replacement back cover with a wireless charging system in place and this back cover is said to work with the Palm Touchstone. The seller has the replacement back covers selling for around $20 and a kit including the cover and a Touchstone for around $50. And while we can understand some being skeptical, we did find at least one person that seems to have had a positive experience.

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