Ubuntu for Android demo video promises “one device to rule them all”

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It looks like another Ubuntu for Android video teaser video has been released. And that being said, I can say that if, or when this comes available, I may be tempted to make a full-time jump over to Ubuntu. The video of course has the catch phrases. In this case you have goodies such as ‘one device to rule them all’ and how a ‘double life becomes a single life and your awesome phone just got more awesome.’ In short, Ubuntu is touting the ability to carry just one device — meaning one device as your smartphone and PC. You see, you can carry this one in your pocket when you are out and about and then dock the smartphone and use the regular Ubuntu desktop mode with a full-sized display, keyboard and mouse. Anyway, while I try and contain my excitement, how about checking out the video.

Via [YouTube]

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