Google Voice app having issues with Android 4.2

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If you are a Google Voice user, you may want to hold off on updating to Android 4.2. Well, that is assuming you even have a device capable of running Android 4.2. Assuming you do though, it looks like Google Voice spends more time crashing than it does running with 4.2. Details coming from AndroidCentral note that;

“Going to the Google Voice app, hitting the button to create a new message and attempting to add a recipient causes a complete force close of the app — every single time.”

Ouch, sounds like a good reason to be thankful to not have the latest version of Android just yet. Given this is happening within the app, the problem sounds like it is with the app, as opposed to with the Android which means this should be a quick fix for Google. Well, we hope it will be a quick fix anyway.

Bottom line, if you need to use the Google Voice app — make sure that is updated in Google Play before you update your device to Android 4.2.

Via [AndroidCentral]

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