Sales of Android tablets projected to exceed iPad sales in 2013

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An analyst with Finvista Advisors says that it’s likely that sometime in mid-2013, Android tablets will outsell iPads. Android has been enjoying rapid growth thanks to popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Nexus 7.  Android’s shipping volume has exceeded iPads for 6 of the last 8 quarters. The announcement of the iPad Mini disappointed many due to its lack of a Retina display and $329 price tag, which is $130 more than the Nexus 7 tablet. Their surprise announcement of the iPad 4 angered many users who had just gotten the iPad 3 7 months ago.

Finvista’s Sameer Singh says a big reason for the projection is price. Android devices come in variety of attractive price points while iPads remain quite pricey for most. This isn’t to say Apple is in trouble, only that they may have to finally grapple with the fact they finally have some real competition. Needless to say it probably won’t do much to help the contempt they already have for Google!

Via [TechRadar]

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