Dropbox reaches a new milestone, launches a contest to celebrate

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It looks like Dropbox has reached a new milestone. The details are coming by way of the official Dropbox Blog and that milestone is 100 million. Yup, Dropbox is now supporting 100 million users. And while they seem more than happy to have reached this level, they have the focus on the user. Not users, but user. The posting mentions several users and briefly tells why or how they are using Dropbox. The story is an interesting read, however the end result here — Dropbox is looking for your story and if they feel your story is one of their favorites — it could mean some free storage. The posting goes as follows;

“We’d like to hear what your Dropbox story is. We think it’s worth sharing with a growing community, now over 100 million strong. If it’s one of our hundred favorites, we’ll give you 10 GB for life. And if it’s one of our top ten favorites, we’ll give you 100 GB for life.”

With that, if you happen to be a Dropbox user and think you can tell your story in a way that will be remembered — follow the link below and get to typing.

Via [Dropbox Blog]

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