You can currently get a month of free worldwide calling from Skype

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Skype is currently giving away a free month of calling. The offer covers worldwide calling to both landlines and mobile phones. And of course, the Skype-to-Skype calls remain free. That being said, you can follow the Skype link at the bottom of this post to get started. But before you go, there is some fine print worth mentioning. Hey, with a free month of Skype calling, you didn’t really expect it to be that simple, did you? Anyway, the fine print is pretty understandable. The main one, you will be required to enter a valid payment method and if you don’t cancel before the trial ends — you will be billed. Otherwise, Skype notes that a fair usage policy applies and that this offer excludes special, premium and non-geographic numbers. Bottom line, if you are still making calls and are already a Skype user — go grab your free month of calling.

Via [Skype] and [ubergizmo]

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