Echofon beta arrives in Google Play

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Echofon has released its still relatively new Twitter app in Google Play. Before this week, Echofon was only available as a direct download from UberMedia. The Google Play version of Echofon is still considered to be in beta, but it’s stable enough to warrant a wide scale release.

We can expect to see more improvements made to Echofon as time goes now. For now, the Google Play version includes features such as notifications, widgets and support for multiple accounts. There’s no pro version available, so your timeline will almost always show a banner ad. The ads are one of the downfalls of this application. I also have an issue with Echofon skipping tweets. Sometimes there is a gap in my timeline that lasts for at least one hour.

Should those issues be cleared up, Echofon can be one of the best Twitter apps for Android.

Google Play Link [Echofon]

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