Skype version 4.1 now available for Linux users, brings support for Messenger

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The folks over at Skype have announced the latest release, version 4.1 for Linux. Skype 4.1 for Linux is available by way of the Skype website and brings a few new features as well as a few tweaks to the user interface. The user interface tweaks are said to “improve the experience” and include the following;

  • Hotkey “d” added to invoke dialpad during Skype-to-Skype and conference calls
  • Pressing ESC will now exit full screen call view
  • Notification of unread messages in middle of the call
  • Differentiate between local and remote holding of call

Otherwise, getting to those new features which include being able to sign-in using a Microsoft account and being able to instant message with your friends on Messenger. The Microsoft account sign-in is just that, you can now sign-in with that account and then have access to your buddies from Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail and In addition, existing Skype users will be able to merge the two accounts should they desire.

Finally, the Messenger instant messaging, while we are not sure how many Linux users are chatting on this service, it is said to be the first “native Linux solution that allows this.” Bottom line, Skype 4.1 is available for Linux and we suspect those who moved to Linux out of a dislike of all things Microsoft may be holding off on the update this time around.

Via [Skype Blog]

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