Box for Android version 2.0 now available, brings document preview and more

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Box for Android has been updated. This one arrives as version 2.0, but perhaps more important as compared to the version number, the update arrives with some welcomed new features. Just as a summary, Box 2.0 brings document preview, offline folders, bulk uploads and downloads, “complete action using” integration and descriptions on files and folders. While some of these may be self-explanatory, lets dive in a bit further.

Beginning first with the document previews. This one, simply put, will allow you to preview a document without opening it. You will be able to preview 75 different types of files including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDFs, Photoshop files and more.

The offline folders, these come in addition to the offline files. Plus, those worrying about being out-of-date when working offline, the Box app will check to make sure you have the latest version of that file before storing it for offline use. In addition, the offline files and folders are encrypted on your device.

Next up, the bulk uploads and downloads. These come thanks to a new (and “full-fledged”) transfer manager. And just like you would expect, the transfer manager offers details on pending and completed transfers offering the ability to cancel pending transfers or retry transfers that failed.

The “complete action using” integration will allow you to open a Box URL directly in the Box app. In other words, if someone emails you a link to a Box file, you can go directly from the email to the app. And finally, users now have the ability to add descriptions to any file or folder.

With that, grab the latest update to the Box app in the app section of Google Play.

Via [Box Blog] and [Google Play]

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