Spotify is beginning to roll-out a browser based music player

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While Spotify has quite a bit going for it, there is one fault — they do not offer the ability to play music within the browser. Sure, they have a great desktop player and great mobile apps, but there are times when you cannot get to either. Hence the need for a browser based music player. Well, it looks like Spotify has begun testing just that. The folks at Spotify have confirmed to Gizmodo that they have launched a beta version of a Spotify web player and that they are currently testing with a small number of users. In other words, a Spotify web player is coming, however it is not available for everyone just yet. In fact, further comments from Spotify noted that they will “have more detail on the web player next year.” On the plus side, given today is November 15th, we are not all that far from next year. Lets just hope that by next year, they mean sometime in the early parts of next year.

Via [Gizmodo] and [The Verge]

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