You can now test out Firefox OS using a Mozilla browser add-on

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If you are curious about Firefox OS, you can now get a first look. Mozilla has released a browser add-on (it works with Mac, Windows and Linux) that will allow you to download, install and begin checking out the operating system. Keep in mind, this is just an early preview and you are not seeing a final version. In other words, you are bound to experience some bugs and probably some slowness. In fact, we would suggest doing this while you do not have any other important browser tabs open — just in case you have to force close to get out. All said and done, those looking to play can follow the link at the bottom of this post and then once you have Firefox OS downloaded, select the “Firefox OS Simulator” from the Web Developer menu (navigate to Tools -> Web Developer -> Firefox OS Simulator), click the start switch on the left side and then begin playing.

Via [Mozilla] and [TNW]

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