Chameleon Launcher gets a significant price drop

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Chameleon Launcher launched on Google Play with a higher than usual price. The developers charged $9.99 for Chameleon Launcher after successfully raising over $66,000 on Kickstarter in July. A lot of people thought $9.99 was too much money for a launcher app, especially when the best launchers out there costs a fraction of that. This week, Chameleon Launcher has been reduced to $3.99. It still may be a tad too much for someone to take a gamble on, but at least Chameleon Launcher is a lot more approachable.

Based on the Google Play reviews, Chameleon Launcher still has some growing to do. For a launcher that revolves around widgets, there doesn’t appear to be enough widgets to choose from. There also are some issues with instability and lag. The good news is Chameleon Launcher’s developer is issuing updates, and is active on Twitter. If these issues are not worked out, at least you won’t be out that much money.

Google Play Link [Chameleon Launcher]

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