RadioShack will have the Virgin Mobile Galaxy S II 4G available in an exclusive color

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Virgin Mobile announced the immediate availability of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G yesterday and it looks like Radio Shack will have another color available. The additional color is described as being a “sleek Titanium” and this will apparently be an exclusive offering from Radio Shack. That being said, those interested will be able to pick up the handset in Radio Shack retail stores on online at

The Titanium colored Galaxy S II 4G will be available beginning on November 16, however those planning to make a purchase may want to wait until next week to do so. You see, Radio Shack will have the handset discounted. This discount will be available during the week of November 18 and means you can get the Galaxy S II 4G for $299.99 (down from the regular price of $369.99).

Plus, Radio Shack is also offering a discount on the plans. According to the details provided, “RadioShack is offering $10 off for every $50 spent through January 5.”

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