Netflix posts trailer for the original series, House of Cards

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With three months left before the series is expected to debut, Netflix has shared the first trailer for House of Cards. And for those not familiar with that name, that will be another from the Netflix Original Series or programming. The series will be available for viewing on February 1, 2013 and it will include 13 episodes for the first season. And similar to how Netflix launched Lilyhammer, they will offer all 13 episodes of House of Cards at the same time, which according to Netflix, will give the users complete control over how and when they watch the show. That being said, aside from the trailer, here is a bit about House of Cards;

“An uncompromising exploration of power, ambition and the American way, House of Cards stars Academy Award® winner Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood, the House Majority Whip. Underwood is the politician’s politician – masterful, beguiling, charismatic and ruthless. He and his equally ambitious wife Claire, played by Robin Wright, stop at nothing to ensure their ascendancy. The series also stars Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, Kristen Connolly, Michael Kelly and Sakina Jaffrey.”

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