Autodesk releases Pixlr Express, a photo editing app for Android

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Depending on the type of Android device you have, basic photo editing features may already be built in. However, if you’re looking for a more robust editing experience, Autodesk has a new app on Google Play called Pixlr Express. The app is free and includes support for Android 4.2.

Pixlr Express doesn’t need direct access to your camera. Any photo you may have on your device is subject to editing. Autodesk says this app has over “600 effects, overlays and borders.” It’s more than just simple filters. You’ll be able to get more in-depth with editing by manually selecting to alter exposure, contrast, noise levels and focal points.

As of today, Pixlr Express was updated to fix a force close bug that was present on Android 4.2 devices. It’s all working fine now.

Google Play Link [Pixlr Express]

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