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Your humble author in NYC

Hi, everybody, my name is Jeff and I’ve been a technology addict for 24 years.  I am a new writer here at Technology Tell and, like all of you, have a passion for everything tech-related.  Technology is integral to our lives.  It moves us forward and keeps us interested along the ride.   I look forward to sharing the new happenings I experience in the vast tech world.

I’ve had an obsession with seeing how things worked from a very young age (to the dismay of my mother).  As a writer, I’ll make it my duty to slowly peel away the layers and discover what makes our world tick.  It’s amazing how much we can learn about our favorite devices and companies when we explore their foundations.

On the personal front I am an avid user of various gadgets. I am almost always equipped with my iPad 2 and Galaxy Nexus.  I also own an Xbox with two games—Forza 4 and Final Fantasy XIII, but I only play one because running into walls is far more fun in Forza 4 (zing!…sorry Square Enix).  I am also a crazed automobile enthusiast and will undoubtedly try to put a car-tech related post in here at some point in time.  In terms of personal preference, I am a pretty unbiased observer.   I think every device and company has their own niche.  I hope to do each and every one of them justice in my posts.  I look forward to hearing your feedback as we embark on this journey.

Thank you and Talk to you soon,


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  • shawnrjones12

    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Best of luck!