Honest Abe’s war gadgets

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Who was the greatest president? Go ahead ask any of your friends or family (…except that uncle).  While you are sure to get your fair share of responses, one president consistently finds himself at the top of the lists: Abraham Lincoln.  Political junkies usually note the freeing of slaves, suspension of habeas corpus, and prevention of the permanent creation of the Confederate States of America.  We don’t write for the political junkies though.

Today, I discovered through Popular Science that Lincoln was not only a ballsy statesman but an accomplished inventor that contributed to the creation of weapons, tactics, and gadgets that armies around the world still use today.  Yes, Lincoln ranks highly among the country’s greatest presidents and geeks. He was responsible for early examples of machine guns, mortar boats, and rocket torpedoes (whoa!). Popular Science re-posted an article originally published in the 50’s as a lead up to Steven Spielberg’s film, Lincoln. Those of us who saw Lincoln as only a shrewd lawyer and politician will be blown away.

Via Popular Science

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