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Twitter’s restrictions for third-party app developers has caused one of Android’s finest Twitter apps to cease further development. As you may have heard, Tweet Lanes developer Chris Lacy decided to stop working on Tweet Lanes mostly due to Twitter’s 100,000 user token limit. For a small app like Tweet Lanes, Twitter essentially stopped its ability to grow. The search is now on for another third-party Android Twitter application that can carry the torch Tweet Lanes left behind.


In my experience, TweetLine is the closest thing I’ve gotten to replicating the Tweet Lanes experience as far as look and reliability. However, unlike Tweet Lanes, TweetLine has notifications. As far as customizations go, TweetLine lets you assign custom colors to tweets, links and columns. You can also set a specific time of day for when the app will cease to produce notifications. For a test app, TweetLine looks very promising. There is an ad-free version of Tweet Line in Google Play, and a donation version for $1.26.


Twidere is another young and in-development Twitter application. Twidere is the inspiration behind Tweetings for Twitter. It supports multiple accounts, is ad-free, open source and supports tablets.

Boid for Twitter

There was a time when I felt Tweet Lanes and Boid were two of the most promising young Twitter apps for Android. Tweet Lanes soared ahead thanks to constant updates and enhancements, while Boid seemed to lag behind. To Boid’s credit, its developers are students who have to split their time between school and developing the app. The Boid gang is very active on Twitter and are always fielding questions about bugs. Boid still has bugs in its beta state, but I haven’t given up on it. This app was designed for Android 4.0 devices and above, so design was never an issue. Once it’s feature complete, it’ll be hard to beat Boid.

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  • SeasiderSteve

    Having looked and tried all of them, I can honestly say I keep going back to Plume. It’s live streaming mode when on wifi means you never have to click refresh, and are always indicated of new tweets, something which none of the other clients do.