App developers rarely find riches

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Think of the richest people in the world.  What are their professions? Some automatically think of athletes, writers and big name executives.  There is a perception that certain careers ensure wealth and success.  If you simply toil for a while millions will fall into your lap.  The latest glamorous profession in the tech world is that of mobile application developers.  Creators of games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja have made millions of dollars on purchases, advertising, and licensing deals.

With stories like this we tend to forget that huge success stories in all professions tend to be the exception, not the rule. For every Angry Birds, there are tens of thousands of app developers that have not cracked the $1,000 mark, let alone $1,000,000.  These app developers hold daily jobs while programming in their free time.  They could eventually create the next great app, or their time-consuming hobby may remain just that–a hobby.  The New York Times has published a fascinating feature that looks at the app economy and how app developers have found mixed success in the growing space. It opens your eyes to the struggle that many of our fellow techies go through.  You may find yourself wanting to pay a little more for your favorite apps in the future.

Via [New York Times]

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