Is Microsoft having trouble with random reboots on Windows Phone 8?

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Windows Phone 8 has been available for just a short while at this point and it looks like some issues are already beginning to surface. A thread over on wpcentral is talking about random reboots, freezes and battery issues. A bit more specifically, some HTC Windows Phone 8X users are talking about the random reboots while the freezes and battery life issues are coming from Nokia Lumia 920 users. Oh and, it seems the Lumia 920 users are also complaining about rebooting. That said, if you are rocking a Windows Phone 8 device and are having issues, you may want to check out the thread which is linked below. Users on the forum appear to be trying to work through and narrow things down in terms of a cause. Of course, ideally we would like to see this issue addressed by Microsoft and get some proper fixes. But in the meantime, it looks like the user community is working.

Via [wpcentral] and [The Verge]

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