Here is how you can get the Spotify web player today

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We recently learned that Spotify was in the process of beta testing a web based music player. And well, while that was confirmed by the folks at Spotify, it was not expected to be widely available until sometime next year. But on that note, it looks like the folks over at have found a way for you to get the Spotify web player today. According to the details coming from the posting, you will need to have your Spotify account linked to your Facebook account and perhaps more important for some — this will work for both free and paid Spotify accounts. That said, the details seem simple enough and go as follows;

“If the music player has rolled out for you already, you can access it under A redirection away from the play page indicates that your Spotify account has not been activated yet to make use of the new web player. There is however an option to make that happen right now, but only if you are willed to link your Facebook account to your Spotify account.

If you are, you can click on this link on Facebook to enable the web player right now for you so that you can use all of its functionality.Note again that this will link the Facebook account to the Spotify account. The method works for both free and paid Spotify accounts and should get you access to the new web-based player. You are automatically redirected to the Spotify play website where music starts to play right away in your browser.”

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