GadgeTell Review: Ballistic Smooth Series for the iPhone 5

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What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is a Smooth Series iPhone 5 case from Ballistic. The case is described as being sleek, slim and minimal. But perhaps more important for some, the Ballistic cases are said to be designed to survive life and capable of surviving a drop. All that aside, at first glace the case does appear to be nice. And on top of that, it comes with a few colored bumpers to add a bit of personalization. This case is currently available, selling in a variety of colors and priced at $29.99. Read on to see what we thought…

Disclaimer: This Ballistic iPhone 5 case was provided to GadgeTell for the purpose of this review.

My thoughts

This Ballistic case, so far, is the only case that I have used on my iPhone 5. In fact, I am not really a case guy. Well aside from using a Lifeproof case when I run because I am afraid of getting stuck out in the rain and want (need) the added protection. That being said, if I am to use a case I want one that keeps a slim feel for my phone and one that is able to keep from sticking and getting caught when I slide it in and out of my pocket. Basically, something to offer protection without getting in the way. Plus, a bit of style doesn’t hurt.

Given what my requirements are, I have to say that I like the Ballistic case. In fact, despite technically being done using it for review purposes, I have yet to remove it from my phone. I will soon, but the fact that I am not a case guy and still kept it on after I had to, well, that should say something.

Touching on the description for a moment, the description of sleek, slim and minimal is pretty accurate. The case is also, hence the Smooth Series name — smooth, which made it easy to slip in and out of my pocket. The colored bumper corners did add a bit of a nice touch. The case ships with one set inserted and three additional so you can change them out. I kept one set in, the orange, but I suppose you could also have two, three or four colors at the same time.

Overall, I had the case for about a week or so and have yet to have any real damage, marks or scratches show up. The case does have a soft kind of feel and is flexible when the phone is not inserted. The softer touch made it a little easier to keep in hand, which is a perk in my opinion. Of course, the case is also expected to be able to withstand a drop of up to a little more than 5 foot. But just to clarify this, given the iPhone 5 was purchase by me with my own money, I was not willing to test that theory.

The bottom line

All said and done, the case is really nice, and at $30 it seems like a fair price. If someone were looking for an iPhone 5 case, I would certainly offer this is a suggestion. Finally, I have the case in charcoal, however it is also available in black, hot pink, purple, purple/lime, orange and teal. And yes, all these colors have various colored bumpers for the added flair.
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